This rain is getting into my nerves! Last weekend I was very sick (oh rain…!!) But  after some online shopping I still managed to go to 3 malls!! ah ah ah And discover some stores where I usually don’t shop! : )  So, what’s new?

These Boots are from Pull & Bear!! Imagine!! I was dying to find my number, I saw them on a lookbook and fell in love!! They are so cool!

Tokyo Boots bought from a friend, H&M Divided Black Sandals and Primark Sandals

H&M Divided Dress and Zara Ruffles Skirt

Primark Coat, so so CUTE

New Beauty Products from Victoria’s Secret, YSL and Chanel

Some DIY ideas, this time featuring my beloved Elisa Sednaoui

New Blouses and Melissa Catalog

H&M Spring Summer 2012 Catalogs and Notebook for my DIY ideas!