It’s no secret I’m a huge Benefit fan! I’ve talked about it here at least 2 times as I remember! This weekend I went to Sephora and bought some new Benefit goodies…=) this made me want to share my benefit Love!!

I love the Bene Tint blush and the illuminators

Mascaras, Perfume  and faaab anti dark circles enemies!! And for lovely and pretty legs…Bathina!! =)

The new products: Facial Wash, They’re Real Mascara and Cha Cha Tint!!

The Foaming Clean Facial Wash is soooo smooth and smells like peaches in a Summer afternoon!

The faaab Mascara! We should apply it in a zig zag way and then end it with the little roll on top to separate the lashes

To end, the lovely Cha Cha tint for a coral sweet Blush!!

Hope you liked it! See you tomorrow , here is my Benefit Family all together *