The shopping I did in Berlin? Only American Apparel! I went to some vintage shops, even a Flea Market but the prices were absurd. So, I just went a little crazy on American Apparel. Bought only 7 itens but still managed to spend more than 200€…

Hi! my name is Hella and I am an AAA (American Apparel Addicted)

Black Chiffon high-waist ankle-length skirt

Port Chiffon miniskirt

Cobalt Chiffon miniskirt

Black/Gold Leather Belt

Yellow and Pink Neon Scrunchies

Neon Yellow Tank Top

I just love their Neon Stuff 🙂 When I saw the scrunchies on betty’s blog I thought “omg let’s do some gym!!”   BIG *

Aww…look what I sweet!! =D

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