First of all..thank you so much for your votes!! I am now on top10 finalists 🙂 I may not win, the competition is fierce! But the amount of bloggers supporting me was unbelievable.Many of you used this banner on your blog in order to AmberHella get more votes. Thank you babe for the idea! Thank you babes for the love!!
Remember this headband? Well I took the spikes off and sewed it on this H&M biker Jacket from 2008. =) Talking about a cool DIY….a brand new jacket and some bruised fingers and we’re ready to ROCK!!

Em rápida tradução….a minha tiara de picos da Topshop é agora um casaco cool 🙂 obrigada a todos pelos votos e pelo amor. All we need is LOVE and Rock n’r Roll! ; ))

DIY H&M Biker Jacket / American Apparel Bodysuit