I already told you about my love for topshop.Entering the site I want to buy it ALL, no exceptions, honestly! =D
So as it is raining outside and I am very sick, yes I’m always sick. I decided to show you my Last Topshop Buys! Which ones are your favs? I promise to wear it all, it’s a promise upon my candy bag! (this is very Carrie!!!)

My favs are number 2,7 and 8! =) (I already wore some of these!)
Strangely at zara I only bought a pair of sandals…Yes Zara you are now number 5 on my list!

My TOP 10 Stores:

1- Topshop
2- Urban Outfitters
3- American Apparel
4- Asos
5- Zara
6- Bik Bok
7- H&M
8- River Island
9- Miss Selfridge

What’s your Top? Vintage doesn’t count!!! Vintage is THE TOP! * =D have a charming weekend *