My Mom return from Brazil…She brought me 15 pairs of melissas and lots of candies she knows me like no one else! Mom I love you. Yeeiii to you *

I now have 56 pairs of melissas! (I’ve already told you about my melissa’s collection, after the post I found 2 more hidden on the closet. Loving Melissa’s since 2004. I could wear just melissas and I would be more than happy, the room is now full of bubble smell and love …!

Candiiiiiessss,Biquinis,Nail polish and stuff plus Victoria’s Secrets Lotions <3

Petite Jolie
sandals and Lovely Melissa’s Catalog

Chanel Nr5 and Lovely Ysl Lipstick * I am HAPPY and tired of working all day! Lots of kisses =) * have a lovely Sunday *

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