Waiiit this is NOT my closet 😉 it’s a picture I took the other day at A outra face da Lua’s Outlet!! Uffff
Sunday is always that boring day!! Waking up late, cold outside, feeling tired…there’s no better day to shop online than Sunday!! So that’s what I did, I went to TOPSHOP and I bought 3 pairs of shoes… hmm hmmm

What do you think? I love them all!! Then I went to ASOS and I bough a Peace Necklace and Hair Accessories ( the bow!! the bow!!!)

At night at Zara I only fell in love for this American Apparel copy Jumper. With roses, very pretty. (But always a copy)

And before I went to Venezia I bought this trousers at H&M…wait…I’m not going to show them now. I’ll show it to you in tomorrow’s outfit post!! 😉 Yeah I miss Outfit posts!!!
Hope you’re having a great time shopping as well, with great finds and lots of happy new closet friends!!!

baci mille ragazze & see u tomorrow!*

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