As I told before, I work with chidren in an agency. I do books for them to work on television, advertising..etc. So, as you can imagine, I’ve already photographed something like 5000 kids. And sometimes it happens to see them in Morangos com Açucar, Danone and Zon Comercials, etc. it’s damn cool when that happens. 🙂 Truly. So, after the sessions I bring the photos with me and I select etc etc photoshop..etc..and today is one of those days, where I absolutly can’t leave the computer with tons of pictures in hands. I can’t put my work in here because they are children, but this little one is almost my niece so… 😉 It was ok… I knew she was going to do the course so we bought her this ruffle skirt at American Apparel while we were in Paris, and it looks damn cute on her!!!

Meanwhile, an asos order arrived!!! Yeiii. I’m showing you just a little of it, the other items I’m saving to show you in upcoming outfit posts eheh gotta keep the suspense!! 😀

Wait to see the rest, it’s to dieee for! I’m so happy!!Be happy with mee!!
And because I can’t leave this chair, I went shopping online. yes a girl can’t ever have enough! So, I went to Topshop And I bought this:

The little eye shadow was just 1£. ah ah. omg…. Ok, but it was the only bargain. Well, and now is back to the children. Have a charming day *Big kiss Babies*

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