So, this was more or less how the day ended. (only with a little more bags [although not so pretty] ) But how did it start? Well….

…It started beyond good, coffee and shopping time with my friend Sara! 😀 it was fun fun fun!! I was wearing my new Topshop shoes with my sweet Topshop Sailor Coat that I love, loooooove. We walked around Lisbon and we did something really cool……… (ah ah ah)

….We behaved like twin sisters and bought the same bag!! ah ah Summer Summer. This amazing bag is perfect for the beach (and for pretty much anything) and we also brought a lovely Lola Jewellery Box!

( Look UP, Isn’t her bag Beauuuuutiful? It’s vintage bought @ feira da Ladra )

how we were happy!! Oh! We did more shop. but this was the highlight for sure!

🙂 have a lovely day*

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