Yes! It isn’t over yet! My orders keep coming and I’m Ha-ha-ppy! And browsing Topshop and Asos sites I see that sizes are already gone and other items are out of stock…And I even feel more glad I bought them. I’m pampering myself while I can..It’s being a good month and I can’t wait to wear it all!
P.S– In the end…I have a surprise fou u! *

So I woke up with Asos & Topshop orders….

Topshop Grey Jumper (like the stone color one), Topshop shorts & Bracelet

Asos Knitted Turban & River Island Studded Beanie
The Studded bag isn’t an internet order but it’s one of my fav items bought yesterday @ Primark

Asos Peter Pan Fur Collar & Asos Fantasy Faux Fur Collar

Dolce & Gabbana Rose the One my mom’s offer (so goooood)

Other Topshop Ballerinas…hunff Love them so much!

And because I am a very very Sweet girl While I was in Paris I bought this nailpolish at american apparel to offer to one of my readers! I’m going to pick the most humurous comment saying I want it. Merry X-mas babes!*

In passport blue color!