What about Christmas gifts to ourselves? This year I did damn good so I must spoil myself the best. For that I went to Paris, I’ve bought some Goodies that I’m about to show you, and I’m still expecting other 2 orders, One from Asos, other from Topshop. I Want this Christmas to be the best one. *

Asos Boots that I’ve already shown u & Shoes

The topshop Ballerinas (worn in the Post below)

American Apparel Chiffon Skirts,Bra & Jumpsuit

Topshop Jumper & American Apparel Girlie Socks

Sailor Topshop Coat

H&M Jumpsuit & Chanel Perfume (wanna buy the Nr5 now…hummm)

H&M, Primark & Asos Accessories

American apparel Bows

Asos Peace Bracelets

…And my lovely Ipad! 🙂

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